Choose your path

Maybe the first thing to consider before riding in the nasties is to pick the best route. Best routes for a premie rider is the quickest and most direct way. The preferred path for the adventurer is for mixed bike only and street riding routes. The enlightened choose a path that suits the season with an emphasis in choosing a route with less cars and more great distractions like taking the river trail to geek on nature or even taking the pub route to check in on some people drinking.
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October 21, 2013

pedalr on the move



While we miss Minneapolis already (the home of pedalr and a city that some say is the best place for cycling in the US) we are adding San Francisco and New York City to cities we can be found riding the streets and alleys of, as the new centers of creative energy for some big changes to Pedalr in the coming weeks and months.

The move marks a change in Pedalr’s geographic heartbeat, direction, team and format. Joining Andrew Korf as co-founder is Gregory Tomlinson. Tomlinson brings 15+ years of technical experience to the team as well as a passion for cycling in urban environments. Though Tomlinson prefers his ‘fixie’ we here are Pedalr don’t hold that against him.

In addition to location and management changes, Pedalr is also making significant strategy shifts in relationship to content curation and platform which we’ll be sharing with our friends and followers in the coming weeks.

More on the changes soon, If you haven’t already done so we urge you to join the mailing list to stay on top of the new moves we are working on at Pedalr.

September 29, 2013



The groove machine is still working out fine. I always park it at the Redbox to get my movie. Like the newest installment of an action flick. Star Trek and the Forever new Millennia.

You could say Nice ride. I know you like my bike. Get on with it. This is how he rides.

ride your bike, ride your bike, ride it into the sun. If you come in last place. Roll some more around the sun.

The sweet and sour fall weather, cool down and nothing sweats quite as quickly. The leaves are hinting at falling. The ride is perfect tonight.

Crisp cool riding with a friend. The best types of conversations come while rolling in weaves of directed speech. You behind then even,  weave in around And roll. Compromised by the alley. Drop down and peel.  The wheel slap. curb transition makes it kind on the tubes .

Through shortened and repeated bursts. A wave. The pace is set.  My way is on this way. Now seeing that the trail is only behind you. The roll is right back there. The ‘Y’ divides. Ride. 

September 21, 2013

Everything beyond the bike lock


U lock, chain with padlock, wire lock, bendy lock, rim lock, pedal lock, frame lock, titanium lock, high lock. Every lock in the world and that one Houdini will crack it. It appears the more thought spent on location and how you lock the bike matter more than any fancy lock. Inside seems like the best option and locking it inside even better. Leave a bike in a particular spot too long and the street chatter starts and then sort of magically the bike is gone. Having a few bikes is always a good option. The carbon fiber racer might best be left at home for a night out; having a lock won’t stop a bike-jacker. Buddy swimmers do help though! Even a roll and quick dip into the local dive deserves a lock. Trust involves knowing the bike lock is at least good enough for a 10 minute coffee break. Lock it down takes a minute. A sad walk home could take hours!

August 20, 2013

Join on the Surface


Many ways to roll on the surface, punch the surface or just float like a tethered island. Take the launch from pedal to launch ramp off the dandy beach and into the pond. Slap water sounds with guffaw and red belly. Man meet the summer pond. Cool it down.

August 2, 2013

Stem Research: Ditching the Nut

Just when the hill started. Downhill.  Pfff. Sßßssss. Realized immediately that the patches are in the other bag. Pounding a piece of suckiness. Glug. Glub. Glum.
A loud leak which typically means 2 kinds: pinch -or- stem. A pinch flat — so fast and often come after a rim pounding noise. PINGPfffff.  Stem tears create great noise: clean and articulated air-sounds.
The solution was simple.  Stem nut loosened on the presta valve then slightly tilted and the tear is sealed. Holding stem and bike up. A women cyclist stopped. U OK? yeah. U GOT A PHONE? yeah. explaining all options. U GOT A PHONE. —she wants my number?–  yeah. got a phone.

Was able to use the band on a Petzel light tying the stem to the forks. Bing. That works!

This is a fairly common tear when using a presta valve in a schraeder rim hole. Reading about this very issue online and have concluded that

ditching the stem nut is the way to go! And very obvious — get a tube with the right valve for your rim. The valve should be snug inside the rim.

July 1, 2013

Lumberjack Prankster: Ride the Wood!

Chris Connor crafts these bikes with American gusto. Made from Ash and Walnut, steam-formed with kevlar and epoxy adhesives, these bikes are tight. Coated with a marine spar varnish. They come in two styles: Woody Cruiser and Woody Scorcher.

Trying to imagine the ride being closer to riding steel. The wood is graceful, forgiving and vibration absorbing. A two speed, coaster brake hub keeps it very minimal. 29er’s roll the streets toboggan style.

5 Things to consider before making the jump to a Connor Wood Bicycle:
1. Wood Ants, wood ants, wood ants, wood ants, wood ants.
2.Keep clear of Pyrotechnical displays and fireworks in general
3.Never park near -or- on a Termite mound
4.Never lock it to a Ash tree invested with the Ash Borer
5.Beware of the The Lumberjack Prankster.

June 24, 2013



Packing the cart up with life jackets, coolers, fishing poles and anything else that goes well with floating down a river. The weather, not whether, the weather — no matter. A day spent floating and fishing is better than a day in the office. The flys make the fish bite. The company keep the bait on the hook. Paddle a bit now. The rapids come fast and the canoe needs to point with the flow; come at it sideways and it’s dump time. The floating is cautious and easy- like an experienced pedalr floating over the bump and blip. Stay on top and let the bike do it’s thing. Placement over power.

June 9, 2013

Pink pedals


Pedals are rising and falling. “Coming by on your left,” is the expected and courteous gesture. The pink petals are falling free. Pink is gay. Pink is piggy. Pink is my fresh winter skin getting punch-drunk with sun. Excited about an extended weekend of riding, cool dunks and some sailing. Will try to take this all slow as spring here comes so fast and is gone in a flash.


May 22, 2013

Bike into your new bathroom

Fun mod for your new bathroom remodeling project this summer. You last rode that classic cruiser 4 years ago. It hangs in your livingroom now and gets lots of comments. Why not stick it under the sink in your next remodel.


Thanks to Drew @nimbletoad for the photo.  Bathroom somewhere in PDX


May 19, 2013

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