A (Very) Small Bit Of Thanks

I spoke briefly about Thanksgiving on Monday but I did not delve into my own personal thanks. First off, I am thankful for naps. Also snacks.
Over the holiday I spent more time on my bike in one week than I have in the last month. Every now and again I need that little kick in the ass to realize how amazing spending time on two wheels can be. I am fortunate enough to work on or around bikes and bike for my job (which occasionally pays actual money). Living and breathing bicycles day and night has a tendency to take the simple childlike joy of pedaling around.

Last weekend brought me back to my marginal senses. I have since made time to get out on the bike every day. It is not abut watts or performance, just the sheer pleasure of turning the pedals and taking in the sights. I find myself somewhat more focused and slightly calmer. These are either the byproduct of riding or the side effect of leftover turkey naps.
Re-realizing the joy of riding has given me new focus at work. I have even stopped wearing pajamas to the office (Tues-Thur only), which happens to be next to my bedroom. Hopefully some of my focus will shine in the new Pedalr store launching on Monday. I for one am pretty excited about the store and the sweet sweet product that will be converging for the first time ever.

Sorry for the long sappy post holiday post, rest assured I have used most of the words I know, so Friday will be mostly grunts and poorly taken pictures. Spend a little time doing whatever it is that makes you happy today. Or don’t. I got to go ride my bike. In closing, I am thankful for all 7 of you who take the time to check out this little corner of the interweb and support what we do here at pedalr. Keep rockin.

-Billy Souphorse

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